Cheaper Than Oil Stronger Than Nuclear

Cheaper Than Oil Stronger Than Nuclear Cleaner Than Hydro
It's 100 times stronger than a nuclear power plant…
But releases zero emissions…
Here's how it could solve America's energy crisis!  

Dear Reader,
Imagine a power plant so huge it covers 20 square miles…
With  a capacity 100 times stronger than a modern nuclear reactor…
One powerful enough to light up 75 million American homes across the U.S… Or run 300,000 football stadiums continuously nonstop.

That would easily make it the strongest power plant on Earth.
It would dwarf the world's current number one. The enormous Three Gorges Hydroelectric Dam in China that generates 18.2 gigawatts of electricity.

This power plant would triple that.

Perhaps more amazing, this plant will not depend on traditional fossil fuels, Solar Panels, Wind Power or Geothermal.
It runs on "the most advanced of the 'new'
renewable energy technologies."

But here's the thing…
This plant is not theory. It is not "someday" technology.
It is happening right now…

Known as the "MAFG Reactor," this new green "power plant" – the biggest ever conceived – is getting ready to begin generating more electricity than any other plant worldwide.

The MAFG Reactor (Multi Angular Force Generators)
could supply a 1/5 of all electricity in the country within 15 years.
This time next year, you visit the Chicago Stock Exchange… the Mall of America… or the Indianapolis Speedway… or the city of San Francisco they are likely
to be powered by this "plant."

This is easily the most important energy story of the next 50 years.

But here's why you need to know about it now…
This year one tiny company opening in South Carolina will begin connecting this mammoth power source to cities across America.
When it does, it will tap into an unprecedented surge in annual profit potential. This tiny company says that at full capacity, it can transmit 24,000 megawatts of electricity in an hour. In a year, that amounts to 210 million megawatt hours.

With electricity prices soaring in America, wholesale prices for a megawatt hour of electricity have gone as high as $129.48 in cities like Houston. At that market rate, 210 million megawatt hours would sell for roughly $27.2 billion.

Now this company will not get every penny of that. Nevertheless, even if they only took in half of those revenues, they’d end up bringing in $13.6 billion every year.
But that's just the beginning. With plans to connect more and more cities to the "world's strongest power plant," based on projection our growth in earnings should soar.

No wonder leading energy providers and consumers are looking at the MAFG Reactor.
Along with insiders, what could soon be the most important energy company in America, investors are flocking to see how they can get in on the action.

Is there still time to get in…
You bet ya!

In the special report below, you'll discover how a few ordinary folks quietly funded this project over the last few years...
without anyone noticing.
You'll find out how one small brand new company is changing the face of energy production in America…

But most importantly, you'll see how you could invest in on this historic situation…
30 Times More Powerful than the Hoover Dam
This new cutting-edge power company has what we call the
"MAFG Reactor"
It does not operate like any power plant that you are familiar with.
It does not require a single drop of oil, an ounce of coal or one rod of uranium. It uses no solar panels, wind power or geothermal and it need NO storage systems.
It runs on an unlimited alternative power supply found everywhere...
In addition, it releases ZERO pollution.

At full capacity, it will be far and away the
world's strongest power generator.

It's 60 times stronger than the iconic Hoover Dam… and nearly
16 times more powerful than the world's biggest nuclear facility, Kashiwazaki in Japan.
Very soon all this clean, green electricity will be powering refrigerators, air conditioning units, televisions, computer networks, and more for millions of Americans nationwide.

But before the MAFG Reactor can come online,
one thing needs to happen.
It needs to be "plugged in" or “turned on”
The MAFG Reactor – for all its potential power – has yet to begin pumping electricity into U.S. cities from San Francisco to New York.

(That's another reason you haven't heard of the MAFG Reactor yet).

It is this second step – connecting the plant to the grids – that could make some investors very rich…The First Wave of Profits Could Hit After This Trigger Event

The MAFG Reactor has a unique energy source. Large quantities of its energy created will be consumed right where it is needed, not thousands of miles away.
In order to do so, engineers will build the "power plants” right in major population centers.

There are not adequate transmission lines yet to connect it to the U.S. power grid if we place it in one spot, so we place the “power plants” right where the power is needed instead of shipping it across country and investing in installing thousands of miles of wires. No additional infrastructure is required. It already exists!

In July 2010 – this “Company” will begin laying the groundwork for the giant plant. In 2011 the first series of “power plants”
will be turned on.
The moment it flips the switch on the world's largest power generator, you can bet it will become headline news.

MAFG Reactor potentially
"could supply 100% of all electricity in the country."

However, everyone knows the main challenge is getting it started, having governmental agencies attention and
keeping up with the demand.
Are we ready to go? Yes, but there are not enough
"MAFG power plants"...YET

That is exactly why this situation presents such a
great profit opportunity.
This company stands to get truly rich. Here is why...

When most companies receive a government contract,
it is just a short-term boon.
Once the project is completed, they have to find new work.
This situation is different. As soon as this tiny company places the required amount of MAFG in U.S. cities, they will begin collecting fat generation fees at a fixed rate.

Considering that the government is now requiring 25% renewable energy by 2025, this company will continue collecting fees for years and years… with no end in sight.

Let me explain…The Most Important Energy Company in America
The company I am referring to is a brand new electrical company based out of South Carolina . It’s called “OBM Global ”.

It specializes in manufacturing, distribution and installation of the MAFG. While the company may be small today, it is expanding at a stunning pace.

Since inception, they have a potential 5000 MAFG units in Power Placement Agreements(PPA) before the groundwork has been laid for the manufacturing plant in .

With smart-grid technology these units will lay the groundwork for the MAFG Reactor set to go online by end of 2012.

Nothing so far compares to the potential of connecting major cities to The MAFG Reactor.
As U.S. cities continue to demand more electricity,
OBM Global will continue raking in the dough!

 Why OBM Global Could
Get $30 Billion Every Year for Decades?
OBM Global  expected to sign contracts with utilities in major cites across America as they grow in size. This is great news. According to Roger Conrad, Editor of Utilities Forecaster, utility companies are "very good payers." Historically, they have never defaulted on an independent power contract. As U.S. cities continue to demand more electricity, OBM Global will continue raking in the dough. Once completed, the "MAFG Reactor" will out perform all other forms of electric generation.

Whenever one of the MAFGs sends a megawatt hour of electricity to Chicago or Los Angeles, OBM Global will
collect a fee for creating it.

Considering that wholesale prices for a megawatt hour of electricity are already as high as $129.48, the amount OBM Global stands to make is enormous.
Revenues could soar as much as $30 billion every year as long as
Americans keep using electricity.
For a brand new company, that's an outrageous expansion.

Why are we so sure?
As you probably know, electrical transmission is a
highly regulated business.
Regulation has created the path for our company to follow.

Being a GREEN and Clean producer of Electricity, we will gain momentum quickly as we place units in selected industries. With current demand for alternative energy production, our profits will climb higher and higher.

Why the Government Must Legally Get This Done Now…
The new administration has already mandated
25% renewable energy by 2030.

The States are joining in too…
Minnesota is requiring 25% renewable by 2025…
Illinois is mandating 25%…
Pennsylvania joined in with 18%… Ohio 22%…

By simply completing and connecting the network of powerful MAFGs to the grid, it will instantly be halfway to their goal.

Perhaps this explains why OBM Global has such an
unprecedented goal and challenge!

But perhaps the most important element of the MAFG Reactor is that its uniqueness that no one can imitate or replicate the MAFG Reactor without infringing on OBM Global patents.
I know that sounds complicated. But here's what it means.
If other energy providers wish to incorporate the MAFG Reactor into their grid, they have to pay OBM Global royalties
adding to the pie.

MAFGs provided to homeowners or commercial business will be part of the MAFG Reactor. Thousands of them everywhere electricity is consumed. Having 3 million units making up to 100,000 kilowatts per hour, that is enough to power 75 million homes or more!

All placed in and around cities, farms and manufacturing plants. Each unit will make enough electricity to power 4 to 50 homes plus the place where its installed all interconnected using the utilities existing power lines in the areas it is consumed.

Called Wholesale Distributed Generation (WDG).
Essentially this is a government-backed venture for the company…

We place the units using tax credits or grants. We then lease it back to the consumer with instant returns. The excess power created from their conservation efforts and the fact that we over power each unit 300% to 2000% of the electrical needs of the consumer it creates the opportunity for selling excess production (WDG) from the
MAFG Reactor.

Either it succeeds and makes billions or, if the project is abandoned due to circumstances outside its control, it does not lose one cent. They still manufacture, sell and install units for consumer use
and at a huge profit.

Bottom line: OBM Global is uniquely positioned to soar on the coming build-out in renewable energy. Maybe more than any other company ever..

Here's why…

Once “OBM Global” connects the MAFG Reactor to the power grid, utilities in all areas where we build will
begin paying right away.

California is estimated to be $0.16 per kilowatt under the
Feed-in-tariff (FIT) Program

Plus we sell the power to the facility where
we place our units at a 50% savings!

We make money in both cases!

We estimate this event alone will hand OBM Global as much as $30 billion per year. Imagine knowing a company who is about to release a projected earnings report like that…

And nobody knows about it but you…

But that's just the beginning…
As OBM Global expands to the grid, revenues are likely to jump much higher. In fact, just from presales potential commercial PPA clients are willing to pay $250,000 per month to as little as $7500.00 per month on a Power Purchase Agreement for a
50% reduction in their electricity cost.

Excess power generated could potentially double the revenues once OBM Global products hooks up to the grid.
Yet the mainstream-investing herd is totally missing this… even though a few of the richest firms on the Street have quietly begun building positions ahead of the big event. Of course they are…
And they stand to make a whole lot of money
when this story goes public.
(Or should I say: When they take this story public?)

U.S. Energy expert’s say,

"The profits made from this will be more than legendary."

Formed in 2010, "OBM Global" is one of the fastest growing
energy companies in America.
The great thing is… Once it manufactures, sells and installs thousands of units nationwide, the MAFG Reactor will be turned on, it does the work and we sit back and collect fees from utilities.
It has very few maintenance expenses.

In 2012, OBM Global is estimated to contract a modest $100 million a month in PPA with profits estimated at profits at
$75 million a month.

Additional profits will come from homeowner units, an estimated 3000 units a month will come from Infomercials sales, 6000 units a month from distributers from regional Electrical Energy Store Outlets.

At these outlets you will be able to register a Home unit and retrofit your home with energy saving appliances and lighting systems.
This will further increase the profits from the
"MAFG Reactor" and to the company.

But by 2015, revenues will quickly climb
400% to $300 million per month.

Profits will grow even faster!

Once OBM Global begins collecting billions every year from the new MAFG Reactor grid, profits are likely to jump much higher. That's why I want to tell you about this right away.
It's called The MAFG Reactor:

My name is Paul Croskrey.
I'm the Vice President of OBM Global.
We're talking about a small company that could become the primary energy source for all of America. At the very least, it will be a primary beneficiary of the coming renewable energy build-out.

We are in raising funds to open our manufacturing plant.

OBM Global has negotiated with small and large firms nationwide that represent PPA contracts for over 20,000 commercial units.

Our need to manufacture is greater then ever. To insure high quality and service we intend to manufacture up to 500 units a day to keep up with national demand. Additional manufacturing plants will be situated from California to New York to bolster the production needs.

We are seeking you out as a potential investors in Green Energy.
To date we have not used any venture capital or governmental assistance, however the potential of this great project demands your attention and investment due to the huge interest and demand for our product.

We need to expand our current manufacturing capabilities to keep up with demand.

If you are a green investor or would like to be please contact us directly to hear more about our great project the “MAFG REACTOR” and the OBM Global project

Paul Croskrey
Vice President Global Operations
OBM Global

P.S. If you own a commercial business and want to lower your electricity costs by 50% call me today and start saving tomorrow!
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